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Trusted Expert VAT Advice

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We are approved by the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

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Our team have a wealth of experience and are ready to help.

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Facing one of these common VAT problems?

Constable VAT is one of the largest independent VAT consultancy firms in the UK. Our senior VAT advisers all have over 20 years experience gained working for HMRC and in senior positions within professional services firms, helping to make them some of the UK’s leading VAT experts. Our commercial awareness, allied with technical and presentation skills delivers outstanding results.

Have HMRC been in contact?

Have you received an assessment or a letter from HMRC with which you disagree or do you think their judgment is wrong?

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What does this mean for me?

VAT is constantly changing and it is important to ensure that your business is aware of any risks which it faces

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VAT calculations incorrect?

If you know you have made an error, Constable VAT can assist in disclosing this and mitigating any potential penalties

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Issues with overseas VAT?

Cross-border transactions can be particularly complex for VAT purposes

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Is a land transaction zero-rated?

It can be difficult to decide whether the zero-rate applies to certain transactions. Constable VAT can help deliver clarity

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How does the law apply to my situation?

The law is not always clear, in areas of genuine uncertainty the taxpayer can ask HMRC for a binding judgment

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