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Our senior VAT advisers all have many years of experience gained working for HMRC and in senior positions within professional services firms. Our commercial awareness, allied with technical and presentation skills delivers outstanding results for clients.

Transaction Services

VAT is a transaction tax and needs to be considered before the transaction takes place if the best commercial outcome is to be achieved. With the introduction of increased penalty rates in 2009 and a 20% standard VAT from January 2011 it has never been more important to take timely VAT advice. HMRC view taking advice from qualified professionals as a sign of “reasonable care” when considering whether to apply a penalty.

VAT Audits

Our VAT Audits identify opportunities to save money and reduce risk. These are of special interest to those organisations that cannot recover all of the VAT costs they incur. However, they also provide assurance, particularly when a business is involved in complex transactions and/or international trade.

VAT Planning

Very often large VAT savings and VAT refunds can result from small changes in the way a business operates. Constable VAT has the expertise and invests the time to help unlock these savings. We do not advocate confrontational policies or contrived transactions. However, we equally do not believe it appropriate to take the approach that results in the greatest payment of VAT.

VAT Disputes

Many businesses receive assessments for underpaid VAT or face VAT risks that need to be managed with sensitivity. Constable VAT has the specialist skills necessary to negotiate reduced assessments and implement proactive strategies to manage or eliminate risk. Where a matter must be presented to the VAT Tribunal to obtain a determination we are also able to assist and work closely with Tax Counsel.

Ongoing changes in VAT policy and case law often result in unexpected tax bills and missed opportunities. Our proactive approach and expertise has delivered millions of pounds of VAT savings and, importantly, peace of mind for our clients. Can we help you reduce the cost of VAT to your business? Click here to read more about engaging our services.

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