Larger businesses often have a need for an internal VAT expert. Constable VAT can offer regular in house support, at any level, to see a business through a difficult period, or on a continuing basis. The advantage of this route over recruitment is that it allows the benefit of in house support to be assessed without a long term commitment.

Should a business identify a need for a permanent recruit they may not have the expertise to fully evaluate the VAT technical skills of the candidate they are presented with by recruitment agents. Constable VAT can help you to judge your needs and tailor your search accordingly. Constable VAT will not make the recruitment decision for you, but our help in testing a candidate’s technical skills add an invaluable insight and minimise the risk of an expensive recruitment mistake and allow you to avoid employing a candidate more talented in presentation than VAT.

Whatever your needs and concerns, Constable VAT has the experience to assist you.

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