A to Z of VAT for Charities

This A to Z of VAT for Charities guide is intended for use as a point of reference and to flag possible VAT issues. It may be that by reading this guide and referring to HMRC guidance charities can identify VAT risks and VAT opportunities present in certain circumstances; however, if VAT support is needed on specific transactions or if you have a general VAT enquiry CVC would be very pleased to help.

VAT case law and HMRC policy is ever evolving and this should be taken into account when using this VAT information guide for reference.

If you have any VAT queries please contact charity specialist Stewart Henry, Laura Beckett or Sophie Cox using the following contact details:

email: stewart.henry@ukvatadvice.com
direct dial: 01206 890798

email: laura.beckett@ukvatadvice.com
direct dial: 01206 890799

email: sophie.cox@ukvatadvice.com
direct dial: 01206 890797