Coronavirus (Covid-19) Preparedness and Response plan

Constable VAT Consultancy LLP: Continuity Plan

The UK Government’s advice regarding Covid-19 Coronavirus continues to develop in response to a rapidly changing situation. The health and welfare of our staff, clients and suppliers is of the utmost importance to us at this difficult time.

VAT is not a priority when compared to the more serious health implications of Covid-19. Nevertheless, legal obligations to deal with VAT will continue.   We recognise the importance of our service at this time and wish to assure our clients that we are taking what seem to us sensible steps to ensure that our services will remain available and have put the following general measures in place:

For the time being we have asked partners and staff to work from home where possible and avoid all meetings on issues that can be dealt with remotely to prevent unnecessary risk to those staff and our clients. We deal with clients around the world as a matter of routine, usually without face-to-face contact. Conference calls and video conferencing should allow most work to continue.

All staff will be able to continue to work using remote access to our electronic files and technical information systems.

At times when the office is unmanned we will divert the number to a selected person so that telephone calls can still be taken and directed to the appropriate person. All consultants who are will be diverting their direct dial number to either their mobile phone or home phone unless they are unwell. The mobile number of your main contact will remain operational unless they are unable to work, in which case it will be diverted to a colleague.

Existing knowledge sharing arrangements within Constable VAT mean that it is unlikely you will have to deal with a new person who has no background knowledge on your issues. If your main contact is unable to work then we will try to advise you of the best alternative contact immediately.

Where we are unable to attend a meeting in person we will organise remote attendance by telephone or video conference where that is possible.

We appreciate that the uncertainty of the developing situation is a concern both from an individual perspective and as a business. We want to reassure you that Constable VAT will be taking practical steps to remain available to provide advice and support.

Most other businesses will be undertaking similar contingency planning and, insofar as this relates to VAT, we hope that the steps we are taking mean that we will continue to be available to help you if the need arises.

Should you have any questions please contact Georgina Clover our Practice Manager on or your normal Constable VAT partner contact.