CVC VAT newsletter for charities and not for profit organisations – February 2015

The latest Constable VAT Consultancy (CVC) Charity Newsletter is now available on our website.

This newsletter comments on:

1. HMRC guidance:

  • Aimed at small businesses (including charities) on using the VAT Mini One-Stop Shop (MOSS).
  • Regarding VAT refund claims submitted by not for profit sports clubs.

2. Recent VAT Tribunal cases regarding:

  • VAT exemption for sporting supplies.
  • HMRC awarded costs.
  • VAT exemption for education and the supply of accommodation.
  • Application to file paper VAT returns.
  • VAT liability of card processing services.
  • VAT liability of the construction of a nursing home.
  • Single or multiple supply.

3. Upper Tribunal forthcoming hearings