Constable VAT Can Train Your Staff in VAT

We are able to prepare and deliver training that best suits the needs of your business. This will minimise the risk of expensive errors and reduce the likelihood of penalties. In some cases training has even been a requirement of HMRC when looking to suspend a penalty.

Under the current penalty regime adequate staff training is evidence of “reasonable care” being taken by the organisation so if penalties are applicable they are likely to be at a lower level than where there has been no staff training.

However, the best position to be in is to not have a penalty issue at all. This is where training can be vital.

Training can take many forms from theatre style presentations to small interactive seminars or one-to-one discussions. Constable VAT can provide a full range of styles and content presented by people with in-depth knowledge of the issues and the ability to get the message across to audiences with range of prior VAT experience.

Some clients find it useful to have relevant staff updated on VAT developments on a regular basis. Others look to Constable VAT to provide detailed in-depth guidance for particular individuals/roles.

Whatever your needs Constable VAT will provide relevant, useful information effectively and efficiently.

If you would like to discuss your specific training requirements, please contact us.