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2018 Spring Statement and VAT

In the Spring Statement, the Chancellor announced details of two consultations with implications for the future operation of VAT.

VAT threshold

One of the conclusions of a recent Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) report regarding UK VAT was that the relatively high VAT registration threshold has a distortionary impact on business growth. The OTS recommended that the ‘government should examine the current approach to the level and design of the VAT registration threshold, with a view to setting out a future direction of travel for the threshold, including consideration of the potential benefits of a smoothing mechanism’. As a result the government has now published a call for evidence.

This call for evidence is split into three chapters.

  • the first explores in more detail how the threshold might currently affect business growth
  • the second looks in more detail at the burdens created by the VAT regime at the point of registration, and why businesses might manage their turnover to avoid registering
  • the third considers possible policy solutions, based on international and domestic examples

Responses to the questions raised by the consultation should be submitted by 11:59pm on 5 June 2018

Split Payment Method of VAT collection

HMRC is also consulting on an alternative method of VAT collection to help combat VAT losses arising as a result of the expansion of e-commerce. A split payment method would see VAT separated and paid at the time of the transaction, rather than on a periodic basis via the VAT return process. Through this consultation, HMRC are asking for views on potential options for a split payment mechanism, whilst also further assessing the overall viability of split payment by seeking the views of a wider range of stakeholders.

Responses to the questions raised by the consultation should be submitted by 11:45pm on 29 June 2018